Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nine Years Ago

Nine years ago I married my best friend in  sunny and beautiful Rio and it feels so right AND good! It felt right then and it feels right now. God made a guy from Canada and a girl from Brazil meet , fall in love, get married, change their lives completely and make babies!! This is blessing!
We went through a lot of things together, good and bad, but all with its purpose and no doubt all in the Lord's plan.
Steve Curtis Chapman's "Love will be our home" was sang (half in Portuguese, half in English) by a beautiful quartet of friends from church back then and it was ooohh sssoo beautiful!:( too bad I can't download it here...)

 What a hunk, uh?
 Some , ahem, pounds lighter....
 My beloved "pai"
 Sooo happy!
 Thinking of him....hummmm

 In love
 The End.....( of that tiring day, girls!)

Thank you Lord!
Happy Anniversary, DB, Eu te amo!


  1. Dea, Dereco, dearest!!

    Hear about your anniversary lightened my day today!
    So good to be so close to such a love story...
    God bless you, always!


  2. Sweet pictures!!
    I can imagine how beautiful your wedding was :)
    And how happy you two were and are!!

  3. How amazing.. I adore this post.. You look soo pretty and your wedding day looked SOO much fun.. BEAUTIFUL family.. ;)) xo~ M

  4. I know I'm really late seeing this post for the first time, Andrea! Wow, you took a beautiful wedding picture!!