Thursday, November 20, 2014

Baby Girl Sweet Baby Shower

Back in August I helped organize a friend's baby shower for her baby girl.
It was really sweet and beautiful.
We had this lady that makes amazing cakes make a perfect girly and elegant cake which was , oh well, the icing on the cake!


 I made my  distresses mason jars for a keepsake
 A cute napkin garland
 My all favourite diaper babies all dressed in pink
 The cake!
 An old table top painetd and distressed and embellished with fabric flowers. Now t sits over the sweet baby's crib

 Envelopes made into a booklet wheer all the guests wrote letters for her to erad when she is a big girl:)
 Very girly! pearls!
 Water bottles with tulle pompoms, so easy and the effect is awesome!

 Ragged strips of scrap fabric made the banner
And here she is, the sweet girl:)

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