Thursday, November 20, 2014

I am BACK!

Hi !!
It is been a while, a biiig while  since I posted here last.
The reason is so , o silly but treu and real: My Mac broke, my desktop where I put all my photos, and because my blog is mainly a craft blog, not lifestyle or something similar where we post deep thoughts and facts of life, I simpy could't post my crafts anylonger.
But I never stopped and now that my desktop is back working full force, I will try to post things I have workd on these last months and new stuff.
Big news: I started crocheting and locved it so much, did so much stuff, now I also sell them on my craft fairs. Will post them here as well, as easy tutorials that were very helpful for me.

So, this is it girls, back home!

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