Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Resolutions..or Ideas for a better 2013

Still recovering from Christmas, cleaning, flu season, back to school.....
Finally got to jot down my ideas and resolutions for the new year:

1. Spend more time with God
2. read the whole Bible
3. Write more (paper) letters to my friend far away
4. Spend more time outdoors
5. Be more organized
6. Procrastinate much, much less
7. Be more patient
8. Volunteer more
9. Read at least 10 book
10. Take good care of my ( often ) neglected garden
111. Eat Healthy
12. Loose 20 more pounds . Go on with my exercises, Zumba, dance, jogging, etc, it feels soo good!)
13. Eat more fish
14. Eat less steaks ( hummm...), pasta and bread
15. Have loads of quality time with Sofia ( now that she is in school full time we have " less time" together :0(
16. Be more patient with hubby D
17.walk 3 x a week
18.Save $$$
19. Have date nights or afternoons with hubby
20. Give more attention to my online shop 
21. Have suppers at th table and not at the kitchen countertop 
22. Have lots of coffees with friends
23. Start scrapbooking again. I so want to leave this to Sofia , her life in pictures...


  1. You have quite an impressive list there! I'm working on several of those as well! Never did try the Zumba or dancing...Gosh, we must be doing REALLY well, because all our suppers are at the table! By the way, we have been trying to decide the best time to make the trip to NL, this year, yay! We want to make it when everyone we want to see will be around.

    1. I love Zumba, Sue! Go 3 times a week! Very disciplined:0)

      And YAY, looking fwd to see ya all!!..when it will this be????