Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New year, new thrifted goodies!

This new year I have made some resolutions, as everybody I guess (will talk about them later) but one thing will not change, EVER!:
I will continue my thrifting adventures, why not, uh?

 Found these copper cutlery pieces, not sire what to do with them yet, but for $ 30 cents a piece couldn't pass. I really like the lines and skinny look.

This very handy caddy is perfect for my stamps and inks. Always wanted one, never wanted to pay full price, and patience payed off, just found this at Value Village.
No excuses to go back to my scrapbooking days....have to do this! More to follow...


  1. Those cutlery pieces would look cool displayed, or as handles on a cabinet!

  2. LOVE this cabinet. I am looking for something like this for my newly converted sewing room! Will be taking a trip to value village tmrw... never thought of looking there!