Sunday, September 9, 2012

Craft Fair Thrifty Display Ideas

I am very excited ! This fall and winter I will finally take my little weeny tiny home business to a "next level" ...will start doing some craft fairs!!! yay!
So I have been on the look out for different and charming ways to displays my hair accessories and such...did not want your  jane doe metal grid ...I think they are so ugly...very cold for my taste :0)
So I go ever trustworthy source of cheap unexpected things...thrift store!!
Look what I've found!
 This shelf will be painted off white and distressed and glazed, yes sir...
This baby does need any work, it is ready: old, distressed and full of charm....( can you see cute hair clips attached to it?)
THIS one made almost breathless...why? because since I saw the idea below on Pinterest I wanted to so something sort of like it, to hang tags with flowers....and, surprise!! I found it  for $7.99, new, tags attached,  in the box!
I can see my tags hanging down already!

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  1. Oh, Andrea, I am SO happy for you!!!!! And, those displays are going to be SO GORGEOUS! You go girl, whoo!!!