Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pink and Grey Baby Shower: Easy Mini Wreath and Flower Ball

A sweet girl in my church is going to have a baby girl and another friend was responsible for hosting the baby shower at her house. She asked me to make the decor and of course I said "YES!", I love doing this for my sisters in Christ! :)

Detail: she gave me a 3 days notice, so immediately I started brainstorming and searching through my house for things that I could use. 
First thing I found was a cheap foam wreath I had bought at the  thrift store a while ago.
This was my starting point. 
Right away, I thought of a colour combo I love and I was sure the mom-to-be would love too.
Pink & Grey.
So sorry that I do not have photos of the whole process ( I love posting tutorials!), because  due to the short time I had to prepare, I worked at night, in a certain rush and kinda neglected taking photos of the "between". Please forgive me.
But both the the wreath  and the flower ball are pretty easy and  quick to make.
Ribbon, foam wreath (small) and hot glue gun.
The pink ribbon was wrapped around the foam shape.

Th shinny gorgeous grey ribbon is from Dolarama 2 bucks for a huge spool!
I made my favourite no fuss multi layer bows and voila, ready!
The flower ball was easy too. I used my Cricut  ( "Sweet Treats") to cut tiny little flowers and with pins I pinned them to the dollar store ball....done! 

I love this combo!
Be sure to check the whole decor  of this Pink & Grey baby shower here!

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