Monday, July 1, 2013

Quick Cheap ( 3 dollars!!) Caddy

I am back after a long time, too long.
I have been extremely ridiculously busy, but all for good causes:)
First, I was involved with VBS  in my church and then my first Farmer's Market.
Exciting times!
In order to be able to get ready for both and to increase my inventory I put my blog aside for a while but I am back!
Actually, this little project was one that I prepared for the Vacation Bible School.
A cheap little caddy for the kid's craft room.
I found these plastic lazy susans at the dollar store for 2 dollars.
I bought 8 plastic cups for 1 dollar and with my hot glue gun attached them to teh caddy.


Caddy Ready!

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  1. Now, that's a good, practical, idea!