Friday, July 12, 2013

Teddy Bear Thrifty Doctor's Kit

I noticed a while ago that Sofia loves to play doctor with her teddies and dolls , and biy she can make it look very realistic. To make it even more fun to her I decided to make her a kit, but on the cheap, which is fun for me !
I bought these supplies at the dollar store for pennies:

Used some felt I had
Felt + Velcro = Handy band aid
A sick teddy surely will need to fill some prescription for pills
Baby wipes + felt = First Aid case
She specifically wanted a cast . Here it is.
Ah, and blood, yes, cuz teddy gets cuts and scratches quite often.

 Poor teddy :(. But he is lucky and has a good and caring doctor.
 The doctor is in the house!
And  teddy is a very good patient as well!

I love the doctor!
Kitty also got some scratches during a cat fight(!) and needed help. O made a different band aid, that attaches directly to his fur:)
Hang in there, kitty!

She is accepting new patients!!

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  1. Well now, isn't that creative! Hmmm...perhaps another doctor in the house?

  2. Super cute! I love this! My daughter would be over the moon for a little doctor's kit like this. Pinning! We are featuring you this week at Huckleberry Love so be sure to stop by and grab a button!Thanks for partying with us. :)