Monday, September 26, 2011

Cat in The Hat Bow Tie

As promised here gals, , some details from the Cat in the Hat party I helped a friend to put together.

For the Cat bow tie I used

1. A rectangular piece of red felt
3.Fabric Glue
4. Thread
5. A strip of red  felt
6. Scissors

 Fold the felt like this

 Pinch it right in the middle  and put a dab of fabric glue on each side 

 Hold for 10 seconds to let it glue well ( you can stitch too for sure)

 Take the strip, cut it to fit

Wrap around the middle and put a dab of glue

 Now attach the elastic. I used thread and needle to make it extra safe

 Ready for the little ones necks!


  1. Great idea but could figure out the details via your instructions on how to make this.....ex: what size to cut felt? and I couldnt tell by picture how you folded it? My daughter is making cat in the hat costumes for her school v-ball team and this would be great to make if I could figure it out...?

  2. Just made two of these for my daughter and nephew and they came out great! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Made this for my daughter, and it was simple. If it weren't for tutorials like this, I would be forced to buy cheap material but overprice costumes! Thanks for sharing

  4. can you make this for cats i wanna make my cat into this he almost looks like him

    1. I am sure you can!! it would be too cute!!:)