Monday, September 26, 2011

Cat in the Hat Party

A dear friend of mine wanted to have a Cat in the Hat Party,  and asked me to help her. She  had loads of ideas and I put some of them together , and I must say it was so fun! Even Sofia now wants a Cat in the Hat party for her next birthday!

She celebrates both of her boys birthdays together , which makes things even more fun, double fun!

She made all the food , cake and  most of the decor.
I helped her with:

1. The Hat, of course, one must have a hat, THE HAT, for this party
3. The "things" costumes, or better, shirts and blue hairs
4. A Blue frame for photos of the little cats - old frame + acrylic paint

I also made special gift wraps for the boys 
Will post the tutorials here, but first some highlights of the party, it was awesome!

The birthday boy and the "book" door, made by Shirley, what a fun idea!

 The party host, Shirley, drew the cat and the things  for the games: "put the hat on the cat" and put the number on the things"
 The yummy table

For the little guests, personalized Dr Seuss books

The gifts table. Dr Seuss books were used to decorate the mantle

 One fish...( a gift package I made for the boys)

Blue fish...another gift

The birthday boys, the cute little "things", and Sofia

 Friend love

 Mom Shirley made the cake for her boys, isn't that sooo nice!

 One cute litte "thing"

 Three cute little "things"

 My cute little thing :0)

 Obviously, the hat!

 more marshmallowy hats :0)

 jell -Os!

 Kids, put the number on the thing!

 Daddy, put the hat on the cat!

 Ready for the cake!

 Opening the gifts. First, they had fun playing with the fish!

 Leaving the party, the little guests had their picture taken as little and cute cats in the hat!!

What a fun time we had!!

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