Thursday, September 8, 2011

This Week in Pinterest II


It is thursday, a rainy thursday here in the island, but hey, what matters is that today is Pinterest day!
I have to confess  sometimes, mainly at night laying in bed with my iPad on my lap ( what can be easier???!) I go in a kinda pinning frenzy, crazy stuff! All I can hear, in my rare "lucid" moments is my husband mumbling "go to sleep"!! LOL

So, as promised, every thursday I post here my latest/nicest pins for yours and mine inspiration.
Ready? So, here we go!
 Garden benches made out of wood pallets 

 Can & fork mugs

 Paper Plates Boxes 

"Eye" love you cards 

 Beautiful Nature Art 

 Music Sheet Lampshade
From Rust

 Chalk Sand 

 DIY porcelain decoration

 The Cutest red lobster EVER!!

Hilarious Sign!!

Happy pinning!

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