Monday, September 12, 2011

Preschooler Tools II- Word Eggs

Going ahead with my series "preschooler tools, I am so happy to have found this in Pinterest, from the blog Living and Learning Now . I knew I would be doing  it , as it is so easy and honestly, genius!!
All you need are those (many) left over plastic easter eggs (I am sure you have  at home) and small stickers.

I also had this 3 parts eggs , so I had this idea of using separate letters and a sharpie pen, it worked perfect as well. Just allow the ink to the dry before using it.
Sofia LOVES it, it makes the thing we call "word" make sense to her ( letters that come together), is spacial and she almost reads them all already!! She gets so excited when she gets it right!

This is it! creative, easy,  useful and cheap!! Just the way I love it!

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