Monday, September 26, 2011

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Hats

Shirley, my friend who hosted the party for her 2 little boys wanted the siblings  ( all 4 of them!) to be characterized and the "things" from Dr. Seuss books, So I made hats and things shirts ( to come!)
Here it goes, as promised here, the tutorial for the Things hat.

A dollar store hat

 Dollar store boa feather scarf

 Hot glue gun

 Start glueing. It is advised to cut the chord lining the feather once in a while, otherwise the hat won't expand
 Slowly glueing
 Be prepared for loads of irritating and highly  annoying wandering feathers. I had to vacuum my kitchen 4 times and I can still spot one here and there! 

But  in the end it was all worthy as they came out so darn cute!!

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