Thursday, September 15, 2011

From Bangles to Necklace

I saw these bangles at Walmart the other day,  3 for 3 dollars, and decided to buy to make this:
A statement necklace...not for everybody, I know.. some will hate, some will love, but I think sometimes we  do need some  SHOCK piece in our wardrobe, don't we girls?

 They are small for bangles..huuuge for necklace rings, exactly what I wanted!!
 You'll need:
Two flat nose pliers
 Four big jump rings ( from Michaels) and one silver chain
 Open the jump rings sideways, not  front/back direction
 Connect the rings
 Oh my, it is so easy!

 Connect the rings to the chain and your statement piece is ready !
I can picture it with a "black dress", a turtle neck or a nice white blouse, uh? Today I am not "presentable"-bad hair day, ketchup stained shirt, eyebrows needing some TLC (LOL) but tomorrow I will take a picture of "moi" wearing it!

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  1. Well I like it!! Very mod!!
    Thanks for linking up to Southern Lovely's Show & Share!! Hope you'll join us again!