Friday, September 9, 2011

Preschooler Tool I- From Stamp Packaging to Dry Erase Board

Here we go! as I said here, I love to create simple,  cheap but nice things for my daughter to learn at the same time she plays.
I had this Stampology packaging that came with a set of stamps I bought ( yes, I love scrapbooking and will post  stuff here as well!) which was so nice and small and know by now that I ALWAYS check things before throwing into the garbage -what can I do with this? humm..hummm...think...more humm...think....AHA! I do this A LOT!
So, keeping my routine I went through the mental process and thought it would be a perfect mini erase board for Sofia to use in the car, church, plane, travels, etc...

What I used:

1. A stamp hard plastic packaging
2. Free alphabet sheets, the "Itsy Bitsy book", from Kidzone 
3. Dry erase pens
4. Velcro circles
5. Scrapbook paper

 Remove the info paper from inside and cut a piece of scrapbook paper to replace it
 Attach the velcro circle to the pen and to the board

 Fold the pages in half and put them inside the package

 Not much to explain, uh? it is totally straight forward!
 The happy student

 Happy learning to all little ones!

The Shabby Nest


  1. Stampology good way of packaging stuff.I really like how well you created it.Its very useful with children.I also try it or for my son.Thanks for giving the necessary steps performing it.Some designs are really nice.