Monday, September 5, 2011

Painted Metal Headboard

I have had this single bed headboard for a while, as I bought it in a thrift store for my daughter's bedroom and never used, as it was way too low. But I love the look. Well, not so keen in the shinny gold colour....So I used my secret weapon for  annoying patinas...spray paint!
For some reason, I did not take pictures of the "before", and I apologize for this, but I took pictures of another ( double bed) identical headboard ( that btw I also bought in a thrift store and did not use...yet!) for "the before and after ".

I used Krylon primer -white- and Krylon Ivory matte, 2 coats

I am using it now as a storage type of thing for some of my fabric in my craft room, but still not sure what I will use it for sure, I just like the shape, colour and details of  it to part it now..:0)

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  1. It looks much more antiquey now. I have a similar headboard and you have inspired me--it was well on its way to the trash--you may have saved its life!