Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Repurposing a Produce Container


This craft starts with me going to the grocery...bought some beautiful peaches, could not resist them, and just grabbed a box. When I was home unpacking and washing them, I noticed the nice, big, plastic container it came in..humm..I HAVE to use it for something , can't throw  this away...immediately I thought it would be good for crayons or Sofia's paint containers...but WAIT! when I noticed it had all these small holes on top , oh my, a light bulb mount.... ribbon, ribbon storage!!!
So there you go...5 minutes later I had a brand new one, for all my small ribbon and bits and pieces. Perfect!
 Removed the unwanted labels 
 Got my ugly boxes that I used to store my ribbons bits and pieces, cut by hand they have seen better days..
 ...Through the holes...

well, that is it..:0)

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