Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Beautifying Foam Mannequins

A while ago I bought these foam mannequins at the thrift store for 2.99 each and had big plans for them, let's say to "beautify" them.
I used jute yarn and hot glue for one  and a flowery napkin and modpodge

The whole process is  straightforward, vey easy,  just time consuming
 I will use them to showcase  some stuff at my Etsy store. It certainly looks different, uh?
 Next , I got this beautiful napping and some modpodge

 Here they are, I think that they do not look so cheap anymore, what do you think, girls??

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  1. Excellent ideas and they came out looking great! Me? I'd probably cover them with old book pages cuz I'm obsessed. The twine head looks like something from Ballard or Anthropologie, very cool.

  2. You put in a lot of work with those. Well done! I especially love the jute covered one, if I'm allowed a "favorite"?

  3. Thank you , Sue and Ann!!!

    Ann, I LOVE your idea girl! I have an old sheet music book and this is exactly what I did!! new post soon!!Cheers

  4. love the jute one! I'm wondering if you would sell some through your etsy site??? ;)

    1. Hi, THANK YOU!!!

      I never thought of selling them, but who knows?

      Do you think anyone would be interested?
      Le me know!:)