Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Corners of my Kitchen

I promised this for my friend Sue, from House Pretty, long has been in my "drafts" for a while..oh it goes , Sue!


  1. Thanks, Andrea! You kitchen has so many cute, personal touches! I see what you mean now, when you say that you have touches of red and green in the kitchen. So, those "Christmas" dishcloths would work, year round, in your kitchen! And, I see your sprinkles rack you made, which inspired me to make mine, lol! And, that frame, with the shelves, that the potted "plants" are on is so cute! By the way, does that "banana holder" on your wall, really hold bananas, or is it just a decoration? Again, thanks for showing me a glimpse inside your home! Oh, and, how is the progess on your bathroom coming? You haven't posted anything on it for awhile, and I've been anxiously waiting to see what you do in there!

    1. Sue! Thanks!! Still oweing u photos outside !!!!!
      I actually took them but it has been so long ago, I can not find them in my computer!
      And yesm my beeeeatiful spa bathrrom has been ready for a while but with all the xmas stuff I kept postponing it and never did post it....I will do it asap, maybe tomorrow!!!!

      i really love the final result!!!!
      And yes, your washclot is in use! These photos are from way before january hahaa that is why u can not see them......but they are here being used day and night!!! Match my scheme perfectly!

    2. Ps that vase thing on the wall has been with me since I was single! I bought it in Rio!! 15 years ago or so..cute isnt it?