Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Thrifty Faux Bubble Gum Machine

Every year I have the pleasure to help my dear friend Shirley to organize her sweet boys birthday party. Last year we had a blast with Dr Seuss!! This year Shirley decided to make good use of the wonderful weather we are having in this island of ours and have a backyard carnival party.
I have some photos of the kiddos bash to share,  but first I want to show you one of the assignments she gave me. A very fun one:
She wanted a bubble gum machine!
I had seen many tutorials on the Web and I knew it was  actually very easy to make one.
BUT,  "aham", as always, I did not  want to "pay" full prize for the  material ( I have seen people use bowl jars and ceramic vases and dishes) .
Off I went to the thrift store, and again, hard to believe, but my thrift store did not disappoint me in any way:)

What I got there:

1. a fish bowl for 4 dollars
2. a cookie jar for 99 cents
3. a "clown" nose, because is Halloween time people, and the thrift store is packed with this sort os things...lucky  me. 99 cents.
3.  I HAD TO go against my "principles" ( haha) and buy the ceramic dish at Michael's....

 I used my Rustoleum red spray paint  and a silvery shinny scrapbook paper to make the hardware
 Everything assembled with Gorilla glue
something missing....
Not any this oil garden lamp hardware from my hubby's stuff in the basement...
 some leftover of that shinny paper...some paper shaping...
 Gorilla glue....
 Ok, Shirley, bring on the bubble gum goodies!

 Had to keep the kids from trying to make the hardware to work ..even Shirley hubby tried to twist it! lol
At the end of the party she opened the top, scooped the treats and filled dollar store little bubble gum machines with them and the little guests take them hime..sweeet!!!

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  1. Now, that is super cool!!! Very creative, my friend, very creative!

  2. Oh I love this! I have to share this on Facebook!
    Thanks for linking up To Whimsy Wednesday! Hope to see you next week:)
    Smart! School {House}

  3. gigia, sempre muito legais tuas coisas!