Friday, May 3, 2013

Low Budget Etsy Photos

 Tweaking my Etsy shop, I decided to have the best photos I can have within my budget. 
To take reasonable photos, not professional, but reasonable, all you need is a good natural light source, a good camera and a dollar store windshield cover.
Also, after the "death" of my beloved Picnik editing site,  I found love again here...Be Funky .
Great editing website! and Free!!


  1. Very pretty products!!! And the baby is too! By the way, where did you find the baby?!

    1. Sue, missing you and your comments, where have you been? Always checking House Pretty and you haven't been there for a while:(

      Busy uh?
      THANKS for all the comments miss them :)

      The baby...reborn baby, have you heard?:) ebay baby hahah