Monday, May 13, 2013

Making Fabric Rosettes, the Lazy Way

Almost every night I stay for hours in my craft room making items for my shop/fairs while hubby and Sofia are in bed in quite and peaceful slumber.
Sometimes, at the end of my "shift", I  still want to go on making my rosettes, but the whole process can take time, roll, thread, sew, thread needle again, etc etc etc, and I am usually pretty tired around 1:30 am.
The other day I strated doing this to save me time, at least at night, when I would be too tired to make anything, but with this method I can go halfway and finish them off next day.

I simply roll the rosettes, do not sew but keep it together with pins

Next day, more rested, I finish them off, and it has worked for me, being more productive. It works for me:)

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