Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My first craft fair! And some tips!

"Crazy lady" is not so crazy any longer and she is back!
My first craft fair was wonderful, tiring, taught me a lot and left me wanting more!
As far as sales are concerned, I did not sell out of course (was I expecting that?!?!), but I sold 30 pieces in an empty fair. Yes, not much people there. All the vendors were saying that it was very low attendance. But I payed for my booth and got extra cash, so I am happy.
Most of all, I am excited about the contacts I've made (a baby photographer loved my headbands and maternity sashes and we exchanged cards. I will definitely follow up this lead).
I would love to help crafters/readers out there who might be getting ready for their first craft fair. I have jotted  down some valuable pieces of advice:
What did work:
1. Getting there early: On the first day the fair started at 5 pm and I got there at noon.
This gave me lots of time to deal with unexpected stuff, to figure out my displays, to tidy my booth up, to use the washroom with no rush, to snack and to "rehearse" for the sales. 

2. Taking some displays already assembled, like the frames with the headbands.

3. To have price tags/signs for all the items displayed.

4. To have a wide range of prices (from $3 to $25). Actually, more than one people pointed to me that I was underpricing my pieces. The feedback I had was great! People loved my stuff. And this feels great.

5. Have lots of change. I took $100 in change.

6. Bring light snacks, such as cereal bars, nuts and water.

7. Have a different "look" to your booth. I used stuff from Sofia's bedroom (most of it!), revamped thrift pieces, etc. People loved it. Some even wanted to buy my displays :)
No, not for sale:)

What did not work:
1. Next time, I will bring an extra table, even it is smaller, to spread out my crafts more. I felt it was a  bit cramped.

2. I assumed that people would know it was all handmade. I approached some customers to let them know and they were surprised (pleasantly of course).  This should be stated clearly on a sign.

3. I did not have time to make a professional banner, so my sign was cute, but small and not so professional looking. And I notice that people look for the  name of the company/crafter.

4. I took too many small containers with my stuff. Next time, I will take less containers but bigger ones. And , yes, buy a cart to take everything from the parking lot to the table.
Overall, it was a very nice experience.
Pick me a Rose
Handcrafted Fabric Blossoms
I made this ruffled "skirt" the night before and a lady thought it was for sale!
Remember this thrifted piece?
And these? Old cutlery boxes with a new coat of paint and some wonders!
Yes, have a draw! It attracts people! 
Sofia's furniture 
Love that price tag. Thrifted $.99 cents frame, painted, glazed and chalkboard paint inside. 
Ah, and one of my cute flowers to give it the nice touch.
A handmade sign, with some of my rosettes. 

Old frames for headbands
Maternity sashes

I love those sashes.
I had too much stuff...good or bad? dunno...
Remember this piece? ??? Much better with the rosettes, uh?
Me: first day

Me: second day
A sweet visitor. My first customer and my inspiration!
Me: last day.
Ready for more!
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  1. So happy that you had fun!!! Looks like you had some great treasures to sell:) Good for you.
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

    1. THANK you! sorry for the belated answer, but my daughter has been sick on and off for 3 weeks:0(

  2. Wow, did you ever have a lot of products available for people to purchase! You have been one busy crafter! Your displays are absolutely gorgeous, and I can definitely understand why people would have wanted to purchase them And that ruffled table cloth..tres shabby chic = tres pretty!!!

    1. Thanks, Sue, the skirt is sure shabby and pretty:)

  3. Thanks for the tips. I will be doing my first craft fair next weekend. I love your displays. You have inspired me to make my display more shabby chic.

    1. THANK you! sorry for the belated answer, but my daughter has been sick on and off for 3 weeks:0(
      Hope your craft fair was marvelous!!

  4. Beautiful display! I am doing a boutique and I am totally going to use your idea of the chalkboard frames for prices. Brilliant! (Although I am going to have to spray paint them in the dark tonight - LOL)

    1. You are welcome!!!
      THANK you! sorry for the belated answer, but my daughter has been sick on and off for 3 weeks:0(

  5. Thanks for the tips. Everything looks fantastic!

  6. THANKS!!!! and you are very welcome!