Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Take a make break and treat yourself...With beautiful jewelry!!

I am finally here again after my first craft fair (a post will be ready soon!) and I so happy to be back to my "make" mode ...I was missing that!
And what a better way than  taking a break of everything else, grabing a nice cup of hot chocolate ( snowing here today!)  and craft some beautiful pieces for myself in....10 minutes!
Beads Direct, a beading company in the UK, sent me a delightful  package couple of weeks ago. Two pieces to be made along with a very cute mug and some goodies ( the chocolate!). Of course,  I couldn't wait to Take a Make Break and make them!

If you want to make pamper yourself with some easy and beautiful jewelry made by you and have fun in the meanwhile take a look at their webpage , which is full of awesome kits + projects. And I must say, I LOOOVE the affordable prices!! 
Look what I got!
Sooo easy: First, I cut the rubber to fit.  I decided to give the bracelet some loops , so I cut it long. Next step, to glue the rhinestone to the hardware, attach it to the rubber ( with a  dab of glue. I used the one Bead Direct provided me , but E-6000 would work perfectly as well.

Ready, in 5 minutes, and oh so gorgeous!
Next kit is yummy too!
Same process, and I also wanted loops, loops, loops around my wrist, so I cut the chord long again.
Secret: it doubles as a belt :)

I would say, a statement piece...just the way I like it!
And , oh yeah, enjoying my chocolate break while making them!

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  1. VERY nice! I have to say, snakes creep me out, however, the idea that your bracelet can be made into a belt, in essence, giving you two accessories in one, well, what's not to love about that!!!

    Looking forward to hearing how your first craft fare went. I've been thinking about you since last Friday evening, girl!