Tuesday, February 26, 2013

An Easy DIY Embroidery Tin

Now that I decided that embroidery is  one of my favourite crafts to play with, along  came a DIY mini embroidery kit:
A secret, gals: every time I go to the thrift store I search for these tins, as they are sold for pennies ( usually $.39 or $.49 cents)  and are always useful for something, love them!
So, with my tin i had and all my material:

I used hot glue to attach the felt and the wide elastic  to the tin

A little spray paint + sanding doesn't hurt at all, uh?
A embroidery tin is ready and it's been very used lately this little thing!
A thing that pleases me about it: it looks like something my dear grandma would have had or used, and that is a sweet thought to me!

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  1. Hi Andrea,
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    1. Hey, THANKS SARAH! this is awesome!!!!!
      I love awards:)
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