Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Love Map

As I mentioned here, I am totally "IN LOVE" with embroidery and can not stop making stuff:)
I decided to do something with the LOOOVE theme so appropriate for Valentine's, and a nice idea came quickly.
I like it so much I think I will start making some to put in my Etsy shop! For international lovers like myself:)
As I am from Brazil and my hubby is from Canada, this self explanatory love story craft came about:
 Americas map printed from internet
 Cheapest way to transfer: tape and a window on a bright day!
 Stitch, stitch, stitch, stitch.......AND stitch some more....
 Two hearts....
Love in America!

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  1. Oh, Andrea, that is SO creative!!! And SO romantic!!!

    1. isn't it romantic, Sue???:)

      Even Derek liked it..he ia no exactaly the craft admirer hahahhaha

  2. um, i hope this won't be a repeated comment, b/c it wouldn't let me leave it the first time.

    this is so cute, i'm a sucker for anything with a map!

  3. That is beautiful! Happy Heart day - if you would like to join us on the photo friday blog hop we'd love for you to- cheers!

  4. This is very cool, such a nice way to represent your roots!

  5. Adorable! You are so talented! Love the embroidery :)