Friday, February 1, 2013

Winter Vignette with Antiqued Book

In honour of sweet groundhog and his prediction ( what it will be, I wonder???) I put  togehter a simple winter vignette on my piano.

Winter Vignette
I used:
1. Berry and pine cones pieces (sent by my friend Sue, from House Pretty, when I won the giveaway! see, Sue, recycling!!))
2. Cheap old books from the thrift store
3. Old birdie I found in  my dusty basement (belonged to hubby..??!??) - please do not tell him, but I spray painted it white for the purposed of...of...well, for my purposes!! hahah

 To make it less "Christmasy" and more "winterish" I wanted it white. Spray painting it  did not work that well, as I wanted it totally white.
 So the solution was to dip them in a container with white craft paint
 Let to dry...

Now to the books...
I decided to "antique" and distress one of them...( I love distressing anything!) .
I may be doing the same to the other ones as well in the future, but for now only this one.

 Simple steps: black paint first (but if you get a black book you won't need this step , I guess)

 White craft paint
 My old, very old and shabby book:)

 And now to the vignette

The nice thing is, I intend to change it every season..different colours and a new vignette!


  1. Boy, you DO take recycling to the next level, lol! Thanks Andrea, for giving me a shout out! How very kind of you!

  2. What a pretty and wintery vignette! It adds a lovely touch!

  3. How neat, I'd have never thought to do that to make it look old...looks great and thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you!
      I intend to do more, so many possibilities, uh?