Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Useful tip if you dye your hair at home!


I don't know about you , but EVERY single time that I dye my hair at home (should I be doing this?) I mess up my poor nails in the process, despite always wearing gloves and being very, very  careful.
Well, last sunday I came up with this very useful idea and it worked!!!!!!! CLEAN CLEAN nails after finishing dying my hair ( yes, I have grey roots and I, ahem, "dislike" them....a lot!)
I put loads of moisturizing cream( cheapest one I had) inside my gloves, right on the tips of my fingers and that is it! 


  1. My question is why have I never gotten hair dye on my fingernails?! I get paint in my hair when I'm painting a room. Heck, I've gotten paint on my purse, my cat's tail...But, with hair dye, nothing. Cool!

  2. Great Idea! I never seem to get dye on my fingers either, but that is only because I make my husband do it for me! lol. My hair is so long and thick that it takes almost 3 bottles for just one application. No way I'd ever manage not to miss a few patches! ;D

  3. Smart idea! I dislike my gray roots too!