Friday, August 2, 2013

Yellow Cutlery Box

As I tweak my craft table presentation at the Farmer's Market on an ongoing basis, I decided to try using my revamped cutlery boxes as displays. I Just finished a blue one, and now this yellow one that came with a bonus I did not notice when I bought it at my favourite thrift store. $ 3.99. I doubles as a Music Box. Very cute and sweet sound.
This is why yellow is my favourite colour since forever. Isn't it beautiful?
I was like this. I Love the hardware  but had a fail idea to remove them to paint the box. Not a good idea. Two of them broke, so I was forced to remove all of them. Sad moment.

But it turned out perfect anyways. Light sanding to start with, two coast of Sun Yellow Spray paint, some sanding on the edges and that was it.

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