Wednesday, January 22, 2014

For a Princess Party...Princess Kate , Duchess of Cambridge


Sofia had an invitation to got ao a friend's birthday party on Sunday.
A princess party.
Sofia does not have any princess costume anymore. Not buying any either. Sorry.
No problem!
Out went Disney Princesses and alike, and in came Princess Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. HAHA
Modernity here we come!

She loved the idea, so I put it into action.
Ah, needless to say how thrifty it was.
She had this gorgeous dress ( by the way purchased at Value Village 2 years ago), so all I had to do was a beautiful fascinator and put a baby in her arms. Yes, baby George!

An engagement  ring is very important! It looks like this one belonged to her mother -in-law:)
 I made the fascinator with felt, feathers, fake pearls, hot glue gun and very expensive french netting....haha NOOOOO ! I used one of those tomatoes bags  I had kept in my craft pile as I knew someday I would use it:)

 So regal! lol
And off she went to her party!


  1. Andrea, now, that is cool! And quite a good use of your imagination! Tomato bags never looked so good, lol! By the way, do you ever throw out anything?!

    1. haha Thanks, Sue, yes I keep a lot os little things that can one day be reused , but not as much as you think:)