Friday, August 26, 2016

American Doll Sofa from Costco Cardboard Box


Mu daughter LOVES her American Dolls and has increasingly asked me to have all sorts of cute and $$$$ stuff for her..last one was a sofa. Not cheap ,not at all!
BUT, she was lucky when I glanced at a cardboard box from Costco I had in  the basement and I saw ...a sofa! 
Bear with me and follow these photographic is easy,just time consuming,but easy and cheap! Keeping up with the thrifty nature of this project, I hit the sale bin of my local fabric store and got the fabric, filling, and upholstery foam for $2,50 each!! I can hear my heart beat fast! lol

Hot glue, I love you!

now...some stretchy cotton...
Upholstery heavy duty stapler....I love you too!!

Trim the excess fabric
filling  + plastic bag..perfect !

For the cushions I used the foam saved form this project 
For this part, I took the foam to the sewing machine for basic sewing ...
In my opinion, the most sophisticated part of this project  haha..covered button for tufting!

Needless to say...customer more than pleased!


  1. This is such a clever idea!! I seriously can't wait until my little girl has an American Girl doll. I keep finding all of these awesome tutorials!

    1. Thank you,Marie!! My daughter is 9 but still loves ger dolls!