Wednesday, October 5, 2016

DIY Up-cycled Travelers Louis Vuitton Notebook

Hi Everyone,

As many people STILL out there...I love paper! I am a paper girl, love to write down things and doodle, but NOT, NEVER in "e-things" such as Ipads, Iphonesso on and so love paper, oh yeah!

My most faithful companion is of course an agenda, my sweet and so dreamy Filofax Malden..this baby keeps me organized, mentally sane and stable:)

I also love travelers notebooks, but I decided not to buy one..why not make one?
Traveler Notebooks are  just a leather ( or fabric or sturdy card stock, or faux leather or anything!) cover and a series of elastics that keep your small notebooks inside attached and removable. 

So to make your own it is very easy and you will need:

1. Piece of leather, real or fake, or any material fit for a sturdy case- in my case I used a faux LV material from a thrifted  bag I cut up:)
2. Embroidery needle
3. Skinny Elastic ( found at dollar stores)
4. Scissors
5. Your notebooks or whatever you want inside
6. Cute charm - mine are from Michael's

 Cut to fit

 Mark up holes spots 
 Use needle to thread elastic

 Tie inside

 Tie them all
 Look from outside
Attach notebooks: i gave also my small New Testament inside

 Oh so pretty and small:) 

So....Now I want a big one too! lol
These notebooks are from Michales, $1.50 each

 A happy paper girl!

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