Friday, August 18, 2017

Thrifty canvas framing that doesn't break the bank

 I had this gorgeous oil painting that I had brought from Brazil 2 years ago, but because professional framing is so so so expensive , I had it rolled up in my closet waiting for a solution. What made it comolicated is that the size and shape ( long and narrow) of teh painting was a retty unsual one.
Well, I had a light bubb moment and came up with a pretty good and cheap one:
I found a framed canvas at Michael's with my 50% cupon that had the same length I needed , but was too wide.
Not so..I cut it to size, reglued it and voila!! Profesional framing for my oil painting for $15!

Length was perfect but too tall
measured and cut

Reglued wood parts

Staple gun to work

Sugar loaf and Lagoa in the eyes  of a talented street  artist in Rio!


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