Thursday, April 19, 2012

Diaper Babies

More baby shower cuteness: I could not believe this blogger/crafter's creativity when I saw this on Pinterest 

And I KNEW I was going to make (copy , yes) them to the baby shower. So I did!!

She has all the step by step there, very nice, but I will show you here as well, because for mine babies,  I added a little twist ( wink wink)

So, gather your material:
Googly  eyes
Diapers ( mine, from thrift store, NEW and dirt cheap)
Baby socks ( 1 dollar a pair)
Wash cloths
Now, the  birth of a diaper baby:

Secure with safety pins
The hat Just crunch the cute little sock

Hot glue the eyes
Some babies nap more than others, so some are sleeping like a! ( sharpie pens sleepy eyes)
Oh my , I am in love, they are soo cute!

My contribution to the diaper baby world:

I asked the mommy to  give me some cute/fun facts about them ( mommy and daddy), and I attached these to the babies and scattered them all over the room during the shower, as part of the decor. The guests would read them, learn a bit more about the happy parents-to-be and also share good laughs!

Cuteness overloaded!

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  1. Andrea, those are just too cute!!! Love them!

  2. These are the cutest things I've ever seen! I also just hosted a baby shower and I so wish I had seen these. Love them! I'd love it if you'd share these over at my link party going on now at

  3. Thank you Sue and Jenny!
    Jenny, I will be there, thanks for the invitation!!