Friday, December 23, 2016

Minimalist Nativity

Hi , I love Nativity scenes, and every year try to make a new one, sometimes with weird materials such as...chalkboardtoilet paper rolls, split rocks  and kinder eggs cases :)

This year I hadn't made any until yesterday as I have been , sadly, way too busy and also I had a creativity blank. ( bummer).

But, while shopping my last gifts yesterday,  I saw this "shelf" at a store ( STOKES) , on sale for $6  dollars and when I saw it , I imagined a modern and minimalist Nativity scene.
I had bought these wooden pegs (for a Nativity of course ) at Michael's, some weeks ago,  but that creativity blank I mentioned ( bummer) made them sit in my craft room untouched:(

Now, they sit in my minimalist and simple (oh I love it ) Nativity scene for 2016. 
I will run to Michael's today try find " baby Jesus" wooden little thing and complete it!
**UPDATED..WITH baby Jesus!:)

Merry Christmas!

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