Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Wreath II-Embellishing with Rosettes


If you read my previous post, my fall wreath got ready and after hanging at the door, as much as I like clean lines, I thought I could spice it up a bit.
So I used my favourite for this fall...felt and burlap, to make, of course, some flowers!
I made a burlap rosette, pretty much self - explanatory in the pictures below, and also a pom pom felt flower ( sorry, I do not have the photos as my battery went down and I could not wait to have  my wreath done). But there are loads of tutorials for this kind of pom pom flower out there, and I can post one here later.

Cut 2 burlap strips, one 24" long and 3"wide and another 48 "long and 3" wide, for a big and a smaller rosette.

Fold in half and twist the end and secure with hot glue

 From now on with the strip folded in half always, twist inwards as you go and secure with dabs of hot glue

 Rosette to go! I made another one, smaller

 The three of them together looks beautiful.... I used hot glue to stick them together

Because I want to re-use the twig wreath again, I put a clip on the back of the trio so I can removed it after fall is gone.....

To see the rosettes in place check my next post!
And happy fall!

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