Thursday, October 27, 2011

Easy Boutique Bow I

I have showed here before some easy ways to achieve a boutique look for your hair bows and I am always looking for even  easier ways to make them!
Last week I wanted to give to Sofia's little friend, for birthday, a hair bow, so I decided to make this one:

I love the way it came out and I think that the birthday girl enjoyed it as well.

1. Two 12" pieces of 1" grosgrain rob bob( or any other). 
2. Elastic thread
3. A headband
4. Fabric or hot glue
Fold the ribbon like this and glue
Mark the middle of it and glue
Sideways , "squeeze" the middle and glue
Lift up the sides and glue. It may look messy ( oh, hot glue mess!) but it will be covered in the end, so no  worries.
Make two bows . When they are ready, get them together as well as the elastic thread. The reason I use the elastic thread is that it is well, elastic, so it is easy to work with when you loop around both bows and you can do it really tight and securely... this!
To finish of the middle , just cut a small piece of ribbon
Put in place...
Attach the bow to the headband
I made a bigger centre piece now, to look around the centre of the bow and headband at the same time

I finished it off on the bottom  with a tiny piece of brown felt and a little tag from my Etsy store, to give it a pro touch (wink wink)

The bow is for a friend , but now Sofia wants  one too!

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