Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Esty Shop!!


YIPIEE!!!!!! I can not believe!!! I am so excited to announce that my Etsy shop is up and running at last, and I am thrilled! Well, overwhelmed as well, to say the least, as it is much more complicated than I thought...so much information, so many things I have to pay attention to, for example, when posting an item...it takes me hours to list a few items, honestly,  and I send oodles of praises to  those people who have tons of items at their stores. It seems so easy blogging now, piece of cake  comparing to posting there, but I am surviving and I am loving it, despite my learning curve still  going up slowly ! This is one of the reasons I was a bit absent from the blog, but I missed you all and I am back!!

I am still getting used to the google search engine for the items, all the little things I have to do to get noticed, etc... (so far not much luck, but I will get there:0)

 A bit of my story: Until 4 years ago, I never ever had done anything with my hands, besides helping people ( I was a health professional before my life turned upside down, in a good way). The only needles I knew how to use are the ones you stitch people ! A total nerd and bookworm (not for craft  books:0). Then I met this northern man, feel in love, left my warm South American home land  and  migrated up north, where icebergs, seals, whales and polar bear live. Friends said: you are nuts..maybe I am!! LOL
All this after 37, gals!

Tried to have a baby, which is hard after 40, got pregnant, lost our baby boy, God blessed us again with a miracle and, at 41 I got pregnant again and Sofia was born. Our little princess. God's gift.

I then gave up my medical career to be a mom full time. Happy and complete with this. But I needed to do something with my hands and min going active 24 hours a day. Started scrapbooking. Start enjoying home decor and revamping stuff.Started enjoying making things, all sorts of them painting, drawing, revamping,  and doing things for her ever cute and growing hair. My friends and family back home were taken aback, totally surprised..."who, you"? hahaha
So at the beginning of this year I decided to start blogging about my craft adventures and now my store...that is it , gals.

Hope I did not bore you to death with this short story:0)

My store was born out of my inspiration,  my baby girl..she is so beautiful, so girly, so adventurous and funny, and ever since she was little, as I gave already said,  I started making things for her ( beautiful) hair and she always was so excited and willing to try new stuff, always cheering up for me " MOMMY I LOVE IT, IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL!".
Little by little I saw myself daily making something for her hair, then for her little friends, than for me, and soon I had a lot of stuff and ideas, and tools, and projects..hey, I will open my business I said...well, my husband laughed a bit in the beginning but I am sure one day he will take me seriously :0)

I named it Pick me a Rose, for you will see, if you visit ( wink wink wink), there are many flowers over there....
I intend now to start many giveaways from my items so be prepared and please visit my shop, Pick Me a Rose  at Etsy.com. And if you have any questions, just ask!!

Some flowers ready to be picked:

Ready to be picked !
Hope you enjoy!
Some tutorials to come as well!

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  1. hi there love these flowers! I am following now having found your blog on the Etsy bloggers team. I have a quilting blog which you could have a look at if you have time! So nice to meet a fellow Christian blogger and crafter and etsier!!!! I opened my shop recently and am excited about it.
    Hope to get to know you better. xxx