Wednesday, November 9, 2011

DIY Studio Quality Photography

I always wanted to have those photo studio pictures of Sofia on my wall , but did not want to pay too is cheeper way..DIY photography!
So I started browsing my photo file in my computer and found these  gems! And best, I had even took them a while ago when she was younger, yikes, time flies!
I am no expert at all, I can even say I have almost no skills regarding shooting photos, but when I made these  time I tried to follow some rules:

1. Used natural light- I took the pictures in my backyard
2. Used Zoom 
3. Took loads of photos
4. Tried to make myself unnoticed, for totally spontaneous shots
5. Used the highest quality setting
6. Used a photo editor ( in my case iMAC) to  brighten them up and then I  cropped it
7. Printed them (WALMART) in a big size ( 8x10, this case, or 11x14)
Now I have these on my wall!
( sorry for the reflexion, too much light around in my house)

Now go try shooting some wonderful photos of your little ones!

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