Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall Decor II-Warm Colours

I have mostly finished, I guess, my fall decoration and it is well, very simple and no nonsense, I think. I like it that way. not overwhelming and focused mostly in warm colours than in your typical fall elements.But before, I want to show you how I filled some empty tin buckets I had.
(Remember my tin empty buckets, which I thought were a bit empty and needed some colour?)
They are not empty anymore and are much more colourful!
I found these wonderfully scented dry fruits/herbs "potpourri" bags and they seems perfect for what I needed.

Because they were not enough to fill up the buckets, I used grocery plastic bags. 

Now imagine the scent they have, it is fresh, but cozy oh my soo nice!

They match my accent colours in my living room so well too!

Living room

Dinning room

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  1. Sorry I am getting over late to let you know--You've been featured at in my Saturday Showcase.