Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My First Knitting Project ..finished!

It has been ages since I last posted here, and for this  I am so sorry.
My hubby went away for 10 days, I got so, so busy and also consumed  by/ with my new craft/hobby   (which I will show you here!)..knitting!
I just started and I am hooked it!
Just finished my first project and have many more in store :)
As with all of my projects, I first make something for Sofia.
My baby and her homemade cowl/neck warmer

So I decided to make an easy neck warmer and hair bow. To keep it at home :)

 Because ahem, I still did not learn how to make button holes I sewed the buttons with yarn.


  1. Gosh, girl, you beat me to it! And, button holes are piece of cake! The very basic explanation is on one row, you would wrap yarn around needle, and on the next row, at the same spot, you would knit two together(k2 tog.). I'm about to knit a few bows myself, to make some barrettes for Amanda's hair. Again, way to go, girl!!!!!

    1. Sue thank you!! Coming from you this means a lot!!!! I will try to make button holes now, with your easy explanation! thanks!! I am " hooked" kkkk
      wish we lived closer for you to me my teacher:)

  2. Thumps up! I must say that you are incredibly talented. I have never seen such hand made neck warmer. I will surely follow your blog to get some ideas from your new projects.
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