Monday, November 25, 2013

Revamping Thrifted Christmas Decorations


It is snowing here and believe me, it feels like Christmas, so I just turned my Christmas mode "on". I love it!
In terms of decor, I have enough pieces I think, and I feel I do nod need to buy anything new. I have a very particular taste, anyways, and it is not easy to find what I really love.
An easy and cheap way to get things my way is to buy thrift ( thrift store or dollar store) items and give them another look.

And because I have an accent wall painted in a deep chocolate brown, I love to use white decor items against it.

With this in mind, I looked for and found some items in the thrift store for pennies that  I   thought I could transform with spray paint.
I did not paint the little nutcracker as it has a nice vintage look to it already.
But the rest of the bunch…...

Some distressing
A lot of distressing…. This guy came from the dollar store, $1.50 and I wanted  it with a vintage look, note the "made in China" look. ( I will make a post specifically for this transformation)
I found this rain deer atth thrift store for pennies too. It was ahold colour that did not speak to me:)
After two coats of white spray paint we are speaking the same language !
At the same thrift store I found these bells for 99 cents. A perfect match.
It looks beautiful against the dark wall. My first Christmas decor of this year!

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  1. Very pretty! I, as well, have a "thing" for white. Gosh, at one point, I must have had 10 white blouses. Mike had to finally ask me if I would please buy something other than white. And I SO wish I was joking!