Friday, November 29, 2013

Thrifty Rainbow Loom "machine"

New hit for the  season: Rainbow Looms accessories. Sofia was hit. Sofia wanted one.
Mom did not want to pay 20 bucks for one.
Mom brainstormed. A visit to the basement and some moniets later my gil had her Rainbow Loom Factory , as she named, ready to mass production.

Some dollar store containers for storage. It works perfectly and I guess easier than the real thing haha.
And more good news: Dollar store elastic works as well as the pricey ones at Michaels. 
 Another good day, I mean, thrifty day in the B household:)

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  1. See now, Amanda would end up getting bored after about 5 minutes, and I would end up having a ton of elastics scattered everywhere...apparently Sophia interested your love for crafting, mine, not so much, lol!