Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Advent Calendar

I love the Christmas Season. And despite loving to decorate, visit friends, shopping, carols, hyms,  I really love about Christmas season for one and only reason: Jesus. Our Saviour. 
And what I cherish the most and take very seriously is to show and teach Sofia the importance of giving Jesus the most important place during this Season.
So, every year my priority s tohave the advent Calendar we do every year since she was 2 erady by December  1st.
And this is the first "decor" piece to go up in the house.
every year I change it a bit and this year I changed it a lot.
Because I found this scrapbook paper among my stuff (??!!) and couldn't believe I forgot I had it!
 I used it in a scrapbook frame I have and it was perfect to hide the daily Bible Verses reading we do with Sofia every night of December!

 We use the wonderful devotional from  Good Morning Girls for kids, just so sweet and simple and  full of wonderful truth!

 Instead of envelops in the rail this year I used small bags on  the window sill.
Inside, pieces of the Nativity or little gifts for Sofia.

She looks forward every night to her reading, prayer and opening of the bags, of course:)

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  1. What a nice idea! And what a cute advent calendar!!