Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Birth of an Elf

Sofia finally got the visit of the Elf. She has an Elf now. I made one:). Call me nuts. I am!LOL
Just not willing to pay  $30 bucks for one and a book.
I bought a vintage head ( LOVE IT!) on  Etsy for $ 9 bucks.
I had all the material at home already , and in half an hour I put the  mischievous little creature together.
I must say I was surprised how good it turned out! And most importantly Sofia approved and loves him!

 The wire inside makes it possible to put my Elf in any position necessary for the mischievous acts to follow:)

 I used hot glue  to make the head extra attached to the filling inside

 Arms and legs were sewed into place

 Mischievous  boy/girl..I heard the poor Barbie girls cry....

 Sofia asked me for a girl elf...so , here comes a skirt...with an embroidered snowflake:)

And her/ his name is Snowflake:)

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  1. Wow, you put a lot of work into making that! Now I see what you mean by you've been busy making crafts, lol! While you were making crafts, I was trying to get through a 400 page ebook! Oh, and more decluttering.