Friday, June 8, 2012

I love thrifting!!

 Yes, I love thrifting and I buy most of my stuff second hand. Just because I love it! Have such a thrill when I find something awesome at a thrift store or at a yard sale. Sometimes I think I am nuts??!!
I LOVE to repurpose, revamp, reuse previously loved things.
Seriously, it has became such a thrill that I get more excited going to Vallue Village ( my best local thrift store) that going to my previous addiction, "Winners". Craaaazyyyyy! 
Going to a thrift store is always hit or miss, and what I have learned is:

1. Go often. If possible, hit the market every week.
2. Sometimes we leave empty handed, that os ok, you will come back soon!
3. Look for unusual things, with a vintage looking, some granny stuff looks great when repurposed refinish etc...
4. I am always looking for frames that can be repainted ( spray paint saves everything!) prints that will look awesome in a new funky frame, mirrors with nice details, glasses and bottles with interesting shapes and old pieces of furniture that you can re finish and repurpose if that is the case
5. When buying furniture look for real wood that can be refinished easily and always turns out nice
6. Shoes and  bags have to look like new or be new ( at least for me).

My amazing findings this week:

 How cute and 60's is this???!!??
 Big plans for this cute small mirror. Only 2.99..oh the charming details
There is  always room for some Mary Janes
 Can't beat 99 cents!

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  1. Oh my GOSH Andrea, would you believe me if I told you that I purchased the EXACT same 60's shoes from the EXACT same place, for the EXACT same price when they had a 30% off sale a week or so ago?!?! We could have been twins, separated at birth, if you weren't from Brazil, and I wasn't from Canada, of course, lol!

    Actually, I've been meaning to do a post on my "new" shoes".

  2. hahahah SUE!!! can not stop laughing!! WE are indeed twins separated by a continent ! hahah

    Oh I love my new shoes, and you?


  3. I love thrifting and garage sales too ! Great Finds ! I've never found a gucci purse. I hope you'll stop by

  4. I love your blog! You have so many fun ideas on here. More inspiration to continue yardsaling :) I, too, love thrifting and upcycling. It's such a high! Thanks for the tips you've shared. I'm always in the market for new ideas and couldn't agree more with what you've shared. One site I like to use for yardsaling is It maps out a route based on the local yard sales. I love how it makes yardsaling more efficient.

  5. Thank you Liz and SH....Too bad I love in Canada and that yard sale guide is not for me..:0(