Friday, June 8, 2012

Mini Lamp (maxi?) transformation

Despite the horrible weather these days here in this island of mine, I feel like  in a total summer mood.  I   eagerly wanted to give my house a tropical flair that is so dear to part of me, after all I am latina!
And boy, I am a lucky gal...look what I found on Kijiji....and... only 5 bucks!
A cute pineapple mini lamp...a faux alligator  leather lampshade that was hideous and a base that, despite almost looking like a real pineapple, lacked some cuteness and brightness. And I had made my mind that I wanted it yellow. And no glazing involved this time, don't ask me why ( I love glazing and antiquing everything), I just wanted it all yellow!
So, some coats of primer and spray paints later it was ready. But what about that hideous faux alligator leather "thing" ??
My plans were (still  are) to put a cute white drum lampshade, but I have had a hard time finding one so small (this darling thing is indeed a "mini" lamp)
Well, who is my most faithful friend next to spray paint and  hot glue gun?
YES, twine!
This one was glue involved...

YAY...welcome tropical  mood! Loves ya!

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  1. Now, who would have thought! A jute lampshade!!

  2. Aren't you the smart gal. What a great transformation to both lamp and shade. Who'd of thunk it? So cute and tropical. Good for you. Enjoy.

  3. Remaking boring old lamps would be an awesome task.
    Creativity in design and resourcefulness in materials is just the thing you need.