Friday, June 8, 2012

Memories of a birthday - Part I

Unfortunately, I only started this blog after Sofia's third birthday. Before 2011, I would not even dream of showing and posting my crazy and busy preparations for her parties anywhere. But I have the memories of them in pictures, and I will share with you. They are so dear to me. Oh, how I love her birthdays!

First birthday: theme was Noah's ark
On the fridge, in the ark made out of craft foam, photos of her dear little guests. And of course, lots of animals!
12 months in pictures...
Lady S got a taste of the cake..with her ( cute) foot!
Rainbow table cloth, cheap, handmade by mommy
Happy Birthday!


  1. That was SO cute. I would have been in Halifax then. Boy, was THAT time a blur, not a good blur, but a blur never the less!

  2. hahaha good blur for sure, it seems just yesterday , though....