Monday, June 11, 2012

Why I love garage sales.....

ONLY at a garage sale you can find ....

THIS!!!!!....for 3 dollars!!!! in packaging.....
Sweet old  lady got from a friend who traveled abroad and "never used" 
 Love the inside, all the pockets....
Clean and firm stitches...very nicely done
 Metal zipper, the way it is supposed to crappy plastic zipper here...

Ok, I am delusional, sure it is "faux", a replica, but , who cares, it looks real, it is new, it is well made, it looks amazing inside, love the pockets and c'mon, it cost me 3 bucks!!
Sweet replica!


  1. Man, you scored! Love it. Hey, I can handle a replica! My pride can take it, lol!

  2. Dea,
    Só aí mesmo pra ter uma bolsa de marca por menos de R$ 7,00... Hahahahaha...aqui vc compraria dois saquinhos de jujuba.


    Gigia Fabi.

  3. uau dea! linda! belo achado
    Gigia Dé